This website is a forum that gives you the opportunity to be involved in the process of creating and helping define the Trentham Community Hub. The Trentham Hub aims to consolidate community facilities to address the future needs of Trentham.

This Website provides a record of the process of the Trentham Hub up until -Council’s resolution in April 2018 to undertake a postal survey to determine the preferred site of the Trentham Hub.

At its August 2018 meeting Council confirmed that it will design and deliver the Trentham Community Hub at 66 High Street Trentham in line with the majority result of the postal survey.

Further details about Council’s decision and progress of the Trentham Hub are available on Council’s website in the Major Projects section (


Hub Postal Survey

At its April meeting, Hepburn Shire Council adopted a notice of motion for a postal survey on the location of the Trentham Hub, deferred from the March meeting. The motion was resubmitted by Cr Kate Redwood AM for inclusion in the April agenda in an amended form.
The notice includes:
1. The preferred site for the Trentham Community Hub will be determined by a non-compulsory postal survey at a date to be fixed and publicly advertised.
2. That the outcome of the survey be 50 percent plus one of returned votes.
3. That the two options be: Mechanics Institute High St, Trentham — main hall kept and renovated and a new extension built on site OR 14A Victoria St as the new site for the community hub.
4. The results of the postal survey be finalised by July 30, 2018.
5. That council proceed with the Trentham Community Hub project in line with the community voice expressed through the postal survey, subject to obtaining sufficient
external funding.

Trentham Hub Concept Plan

Information and Consultation Sessions
Come along and see the draft Concept Plan, hear from the architects about their ideas and give us your feedback.

Architects Appointed

Following a public tender process Council resolved to appoint Antarctica Architects to undertake planning and design services for the Trentham Community Hub at 14A Victoria Street, Trentham.